Future Policy Organisation

Rethinking our world...

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An independent think-tank addressing issues of global concern.

In the context of escalating global risks, the Future Policy Organisation undertakes informed and impartial analysis of key issues and policy areas. 

As an independent think-tank, we provide alternative responses to mainstream approaches to contemporary challenges as part of an attempt to rethink our world.

Future Policy Organisation

Policy Areas

The Future Policy Organisation focuses on six key policy areas:




Science and Technology



Rethinking our world beyond the Coronavirus pandemic

As world leaders, parliaments and citizens try to balance the need to protect people’s health without destroying their economies, the Future Policy Organisation will examine alternatives for future policy, investment and planning

Our policy reports are informed by specialist in their fields, including areas such as national identify, foreign policy and global relationships.

The policy reports produced by the Future Policy Organisation present recommendations for policy development to inform government across the globe.